About Us

About Us

Each Amazing Breath, CIC was established as a not for profit in 2014 based in Nottinghamshire, UK.  Over the past 8 years, we have developed self-sustaining and value for money programmes for schools and communities.  Our approach has been co-designed with children, schools, and families to create ownership and foster self-leadership to bring alive trauma-informed resilience building. This impact then ripples out from the children and schools to parents, families, and the larger community.  

We Are Committed To...

Unlocking innate potential and self-leadership in children and parents so they feel their own strength and capacity to achieve their goals.  Young people ‘own’ their newly found strength, capacity and zest for life.  They learn to safely address their own needs and become a self-leader.

Focusing on strength, vitality, and skills, which can help young people and their parents solve the problems they face in real time. These life-long skills then positively impact the trajectory of their emotional and physical health. 

Giving choice and agency to young people and adults to lead themselves in fun and creative ways. In our experience, this always leads to the best outcomes

 Our Approach 

Toxic Stress is Held in the Body

"The programme gave us insight and educated us on a number of issues including, the challenges that someone with trauma may encounter... the Take Five programme enhanced our practice when supporting those children with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). "

-Ms. Lyness, Principal, Springhill Primary

We Adapt to Each School's Needs

"We had a lot of difficulties in the playground with children and we really wanted children to manage their own feelings and to take a step back and to be able to regulate their own emotions. Take Five has managed to do this.   It works in different ways for different children. "

-Mrs. Stewart, Principal, Ligoniel Primary

Children Lead and Love It!

"I was inundated with applications for Ambassadors..the children chosen have taken the role extremely seriously. It has been delightful to watch children who have struggled with anxiety stand up and lead practices to their peers. A personal highlight was when some of the Ambassadors conducted a Take Five workshop for parents."

-Ms. Rees, Family Support Worker, Sherwood Primary

EAB's Journey


The Founders of Each Amazing Breath (EAB) both had personal experience of a concerning lack of trauma-informed resilience building in schools and communities, which led them to establishing EAB as a not for profit organisation. 

Their first project involved running a two-day trauma-informed, Community Resilience Building Innovation Pilot with local community groups and parents.  The parents created the name ‘Take Five’ and excitedly wrote to their childrens' Head Teachers asking them to get the school involved.

The pilot was funded by Bassetlaw and Newark and Sherwood Community Safety Partnership.


EAB secured funding via The Home Office to run a ‘Preventing Demand' Innovation pilot.  This involved 3 schools (two Primary and one Secondary) piloting Take Five as a Whole School Resilience Building Programme.  Over 1000 children were involved (Foundation to Year 7). 


Schools across Bassetlaw District heard about the impact of Take Five and ask for the programme. Nottinghamshire County Council, via the Community Safety Partnership, provided funding for 4 more Primary schools in Worksop.


More schools in Nottinghamshire request Take Five.

EAB secured a national grant from Health Education England to deliver an innovation pilot related to Chapter 4 (Building Resilience) of Future in Mind: Promoting, protecting and improving our children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing.  This provided funding for 12 schools, impacting 4000 young people (Foundation – Year 13).

EAB secured funding from Bassetlaw Clinical Commissioning Group for an additional 4 schools in Bassetlaw, impacting 1100 children (Foundation – Year 6).

EAB secured funding via Belfast Community Safety Partnership to run a pilot with a school in north Belfast.

Take Five Celebration Event – 125 Take Five Ambassadors have a day at Rufford Park and showcase their skills to local councillors and adults.


Nottinghamshire County Council commissioned EAB to deliver Take Five in 15 schools in north and west Nottinghamshire. 

Big Warsop funded Take Five in 5 schools in Warsop Parish.

EAB piloted Parent Programmes.

18 other schools access Take Five.


More schools requested Take Five. 

Funding secured from grants contracts and schools for 25 schools.

Take Five Social Action Team developed.  Take Five Ambassadors showcased Take Five to the Chair of Nottinghamshire County Council and Local Councillors.

Family of schools hosted resilience event in Kirby in Ashfield for 150 parents and carers.


EAB secured COVID-19 Emergency Committee funding and Nottinghamshire Community Foundation funding to develop ‘Virtual Take Five’ to support 19,000 children at home during lockdown.

EAB continued to expand to schools in Belfast. 


EAB developed ‘Bubble Take Five’ to support over 100 schools working in ‘Bubbles’.

Take Five App launched to support children at home, and in the community.

EAB continued to expand to schools in Belfast. 


New Bounce Transition Programme developed in response to post-COVID needs of Year 5/6 pupils.

New Safe and Well Programme developed for parents and carers.