Positively supports parents and carers by equipping them with the tools to release toxic stress and grow their capacity to flourish and thrive.

      The Basics

                  - 1-Day Training
             - 2 to 4 Members of Staff
             - Staff Deliver to Parents and Carers
             - Comprehensive Materials and Support



Training Overview


This course is a 1-full day of training either online or in-person.

Through a train-the-trainer format, you will learn about the ways you can positively engage and support parents and carers, through understanding the foundations of being safe and well. You will also be guided through the four sessions in a highly trauma-informed way so that you can feel confident to safely provide support to parents and carers. The interactive sessions include: The Foundations of Feeling Safe and Well, Understanding Toxic Stress, Creating Space for Yourself and Feeling your Personal Capacity, Self-care Tool Kit and creating new, and more positive patterns.

Who Do We Train

Staff that work with parents/carers and families. For example:

  • Family Liaison staff
  • Teacher
  • Teaching Assistant (TA)
  • Mental Health Lead
  • PSHE Lead
  • SENCo


You Will Learn....
  • How working with parents and carers can positively impact their children in terms of school attendance, parents making positive choices and the overall wellbeing of the family.
  • How to deliver the interactive sessions to parents and carers.
  • How to ensure that all sessions are delivered in a needs-based and safe way so that parents can continue to independently practise what they have learnt, following the programme.

What's Included

  • Comprehensive Trainer folder which includes all PowerPoints, Handouts, and guidance notes
  • Resources that allow you to replicate the programme year-on-year

Upcoming Training Dates

7th November

Registration Deadline: 4th November

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