An interactive, needs-based, seven-module programme for Year 5 & 6 pupils that positively supports the transition from Year 6 to Year 7. The programme equips pupils with critical emotional skills to thrive socially, emotionally, and academically.

      The Basics

                  - 1-Day Training
             - 1 to 4 Members of Staff
             - Staff Deliver to Year 5 or Year 6
             - Comprehensive Materials and Support

"Wow! The children and I really enjoyed the new Bounce Programme. There's definitely a gap in the market and Bounce hits the spot. Although we always try to prepare our children as well as we possibly can for the transition, I think the power of Bounce is that it gives the ownership over to the children. It's always a worry when they leave primary how they will face the changes and uncertainties, but I feel confident that they have tools to succeed in the future."

-- Jenny, Year 6 Teacher and Key Stage 2 Lead


Training Overview


This course is a 1-full day of training either online or in-person.

Through a train-the-trainer format, you will be led through seven sessions that you will then teach to your Year 6 pupils (or Year 5’s in the Summer Term). The sessions include all lesson plans, and comprehensive trainer resources and support materials. These resources allow you to facilitate highly interactive, needs-based, and fun activities, which provide learning opportunities to enable all children, (from most vulnerable and challenged, to the most able) to gain meaningful and tailored practical skills. You will also learn about the psychological reasons why the Bounce Programme is so important for this age group, and how it can change the trajectory of children’s life-long sense of ability to learn, achieve and have self-agency. By the end of the programme, pupils will be prepared for the excitement and challenge at a critical time of social and emotional development.

Who Do We Train

  • Year 5 or Year 6 Teacher/TA
  • Mental Health Lead
  • PHSE Lead


You Will Learn....
  • How the Bounce Sessions lead the children through practical and tailored exercises to help re-wire their minds and bodies towards strength, agency, and self-confidence.
  • Why it’s important to equip this age group with the life skills to successfully embrace the transition into secondary school.
  • How to deliver the Bounce Sessions in safe and needs-based ways.
  • How the activities and exercises contribute to pupils building resilience and emotional self-regulation so that when they are at Secondary School, and perhaps in a less overall nurturing environment, they have practical strategies to help them take personal responsibility and self-care.
  • Understand the developmental and psychological changes children are experiencing, and how Bounce life skills can assist them in overcoming challenges that may arise.

What's Included

  • The Bounce Training Manual with comprehensive lesson plans for all seven Bounce Sessions
  • A PowerPoint presentation for each session, and resources to assist you in leading the activities
  • Example Take Five Practice Cards, Affirmation Cards, and photocopiable master Worksheets to create the Transition Toolkit year-on-year.

Examples of Resources:


Upcoming Training Dates

21st September

Registration Deadline: 18th September

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