Meet the Team

Helen Whitney, Co-Founder & CEO

Helen co-founded Each Amazing Breath in 2014 following working as a CEO for various charities.  She has spent over 25 years working in areas of high deprivation to support community-led change.  She is passionate about the potential of people to live in harmonious, vibrant and loving communities.

Mark Lilly, Co-Founder & Director

Mark co-founded Each Amazing Breath in 2014.  His lived experience allowed him to practically demonstrate that, even with trauma, it is still possible to grow strong and thrive.  This galvanised him to share practical techniques and safety framings in many frontline settings across north America.  He has worked in homeless shelters and social service settings to bring practical resilience building to people in a safe and needs-based manner.  He is also the co-founder of the Yoga Service Council in the USA.

Lesley Howard, Lead Trainer

During the past thirty years, Lesley has worked in Primary Education as both a Class Teacher and a lead specialist focusing on PSHE, Wellbeing, Pastoral Care and Behaviour. She introduced the Take Five at School Programme  into her school and saw the enormous impact it had on pupils, staff and parents. As a result, she became an EAB Lead Trainer so that through our programmes, she can help schools and other organisations to develop skills that lead to resilience and strength for the whole community.

Dr. Natalie Price, Director

Natalie began working with EAB in 2015 as a programme evaluator and became a Director in 2021. She is a psychologist (PsyD) with a Masters in Public Health (MPH), specialising in trauma-informed care, preventative mental health, strengths-based emotional wellness, and participatory evaluation/programme development. She has worked in a range of settings including schools, prisons, addiction/homeless centres, various community-based settings, and private practice. She is incredibly passionate about each person and community's innate creative capacity to re-wire towards strength, vitality, and joy. 

Glen Powell, Graphic Designer

Glen is a freelance graphic designer and has worked in this field for around 40 years.  Over these years, he has worked for various commercial design firms in the UK on all aspects of design projects, but in 2010 decided to turn freelance.  He has spent the last 20 years mainly working for charitable/humanitarian sector organisations.  His digital or print work can range from simple black and white column adverts right up to international exhibitions written in multi-languages.  He treats every design brief and budget with the same criteria and importance, small or large.  He provides design support to global organisations right down to small start-up businesses.

Matthew Howard, Digital Consultant

Matt has a general interest in all things digital, having worked in the Publishing sector for several years, mainly focusing on ebooks. He has always worked as a freelance copywriter, performed comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe, written novels and has a keen interest in animation. He has a love of creative problem-solving and is driven to solve issues and learn new skills, which has led him to being became involved in Each Amazing Breath, going from basic data entry to editing videos, project editing the development of the EAB app for launching in school, as well as creating the animation and voiceover for the introductory video. He loves helping guide and develop ideas and creative outputs to maximize the impact. 

Kay Wightman, Accountant/Advisor

Jes Hill, Filmmaker

Jes is an experienced filmmaker in the cultural and community sector, producing films for a wide range of organisations from the 
Arts Council to the the National Trust to independent artists. He has worked as a facilitator to enable young people to have their voice heard from a creative perspective to documentary narrative. Key to his style of filmmaking is the ownership and authenticity of those who wish to have their stories shared, to illuminate the challenges and to celebrate the achievements of communities. Jes has been working with EAB for a number of years and focuses each film with respect to the unique voices of each story, how challenges are overcome, solutions discovered and empowerment at all levels begins to flourish.